kapow, inc.

digital design &
development • est. 1998

We're here for you. Since 1998.

At kapow, we pride ourselves in creating well-crafted digital experiences with thoughtful and innovative designs. We specialize in developing high-end websites and interactives requiring sophisticated information architecture and content management system integration.

We provide design, development and consulting services for a wide range of arts-related institutions, non-profit organizations, corporate clients, and start-up companies. Our services include:

  • creative and strategic planning
  • content creation
  • user experience design
  • information architecture
  • content management system integration
  • mobile strategy and development
  • graphic design
  • social media strategy

Our work with respected clients such as PBS, Stanford University, Autry Museum of the American West, Skirball Cultural Center, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and many others has earned us a reputation for innovative, compelling and intuitive design, as well as for exceptional, personalized customer service.

kapow's partners work directly with our clients throughout the entire development process. Our attention to detail, from the first meeting through the final delivery and subsequent maintenance of our websites, ensures that our clients are just as pleased with the process as they are with the finished product. Our clients' satisfaction shows in the long-term relationships we develop with them.

kapow, inc. has been crafting digital experiences since 1998 and has offices in Los Angeles and Milwaukee.


We provide consulting, design and development services for all phases of a project. We believe that the planning stages of a project are as important as the design and implementation phases. We are not proponents of turn-key solutions. Each project we deliver is uniquely tailored to the needs of the client.

Creative and Strategic Planning

kapow conducts a thorough investigation to determine the needs of the client, including the targeted audiences for the site, the distinctive qualities of the organization, and the client's ultimate goal for its online presence. Depending on the needs of the project, we review competing sites and best practices in the client's industry, brainstorm with clients to foster new ideas, interview key staff and website visitors to collect feedback, and create use case scenarios. We also recommend social media, accessibility and mobile strategies, analyze the client's technical requirements, and develop an information architecture for the project.


kapow takes pride in delivering fresh, creative solutions which enhance the client's traditional communication channels, contain engaging and relevant content, and provide a consistent and intuitive user experience. We take utmost care to ensure that pages relate to each other visually by use of similar language, layout, iconography, and clear, direct navigation. We believe that excellent usability and website navigation are inherent to good design. For this reason there is an emphasis on consistency and intuitive organization with creative, visually stimulating approaches that do not sacrifice ease-of-use or functionality.

Front-end Programming

Our programming and coding takes into account both potential future directions of the site, as well as responding to the different needs of users who are using smart phones and tablets. We employ the latest technologies, libraries and other techniques — such as HTML5, AJAX , responsive HTML, etc. — to provide responsive interactions for users who need information presented quickly and easily, on whatever device or application they might be viewing the content.

Content Management System Integration

kapow is a technology-agnostic firm. For each project we find the best technology for the challenge posed by our client's needs, focusing on functionality, platform and hosting requirements, and value. We have extensive experience implementing a number of pre-packaged and open source content management systems (CMS) and frameworks including Drupal, Django, Wordpress, Plone/Zope, and Joomla as well as custom-built systems in PHP and Cold Fusion. We also implement e-commerce, mobile applications and other 3rd party software solutions.

Content Creation and Migration

We provide clients with content creation and migration services, either taking existing content and repurposing it on the new website, or writing and developing new content that meets the needs of the site's audiences. We help clients develop content that leverages search engine optimization techniques so that the website is more visible in search results. We advise clients on accessibility issues so that the client's website meets the needs of site visitors with vision, hearing or mobility impairments.


We provide ongoing support for the clients who want it and are proud that we have had long relationships with many clients that have extended across multiple projects.

key bios

Ethan Goldstine principal, producer

One of kapow's co-founders, Ethan's creative ideas and understanding of technology have contributed to the success of the company's more than ninety projects. An observer of trends in new media and beyond, Ethan's counsel helps kapow's clients evaluate current technology and plan for the future. Ethan began developing websites in 1995, founding the site for NPR affiliate KCRW and, with Neal Steinberg, co-creating a groundbreaking online detective story. He has also worked in computer consulting and training as well as in film production and development. He is a graduate of Yale University.

Neal Steinberg principal, art director

Also a co-founder of kapow, Neal has applied his artistic sensibility and creative vision to every one of the projects in kapow's portfolio. Neal is a talented, experienced and versatile designer who shifts effortlessly from creating whimsical sites for children to transforming dense and complex information into websites that are beautiful, elegant and easy to use. Before starting kapow, he co-created a groundbreaking online detective story and produced commercials for Japanese television. An exhibited collage artist, Neal majored in Japanese Studies and Fine Arts at Princeton University.

Bryan Buchs lead developer

Bryan has more than 21 years of experience creating web sites and web-based applications. Having been involved in many different aspects of the design and development process, Bryan brings a unique perspective to each project. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking for his family and golfing with his friends.